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Saturday, October 02, 2004

First St. Martha's Guild Meeting

We had our first meeting today, and it was lovely. Some knitting, some crocheting, lots of talking and praying. Lots of good food! I ended up not making either of the things I was planning, as Rich was out of town for three days, not unexpectedly, but not really planned either. He had a business conference that was initially vetoed by the company, then he was told to go ahead and go, so he went. So, I was busy with the four kids and decided I'd make a pear and ginger coffee cake instead when Rich got home.

I've finished the bootees and felted them, they did not fit Amira at all, even though her feet are tiny and I made them a bit bigger than the pattern. So, instead of making two pair and giving one away to our friends, this pair will go to them.

I made a little bit of progress on the front ribbing of the cross your heart, but not by much. I was talking too much. I will post pictures Monday.


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