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Monday, October 25, 2004


I read someone's post to the knitlist last night which had a sig file and date using the modern term BCE. I have to say I find it odd, a little funny, that this convention is supposed to get rid of the idea that time is metered by the Incarnation of Christ, His intersection with our world and culture, when it doesn't actually change the dates that are CE and BCE, they are merely the secular words for Before Christ and Anno Domini. I find these semantic changes to be laughable, but also indicative of a world that wishes to erase all influence of God and religion, but does not know what to replace that with and so just renames all the God words with non-God words that don't change the meaning or focus of the "offensive" terminology, just give a superficial "good" feeling to wash in.

In other news, we have Alexander's school picture now. He is wearing the orange sweater I made for him and actually has a real smile in it. Rich scanned it in, and I'll post it soon.

Dominic's school picture gets taken this Wednesday, so we need to get a haircut in for him so he doesn't look like a muppet. Alexander also has a loose tooth, so we need to get on the ball for the tooth fairy bit pretty soon. We will be using the exchange rate I had as a kid, not the ridiculous amount kids seem to get now. With four kids close together, we don't want to be shelling out $50 a month on teeth.

I'm trucking right along on both the LIttle Boy Green and the Cross Your Heart. The gansey is in the car all the time, so I work on it while waiting for the boys at school, or while Rich drives us to church, or at Bible study and what not. Little Boy Green stays at home and gets worked on while I nurse, or get a little break time. Even though I get less time on it, the progress is about the same, because it is so much smaller than my gansey. My goal is to have Elijah's sweater finished by Christmas, and mine by Madrona in February.

Meanwhile, I am not doing much of anything on the Santa Sock, because even using smaller needles than they said, I think the fabric is too loose for a stocking. I will likely frog and start over with smaller needles, still, and the larger number of stitches I've been using. That is my computer knitting lately, and I haven't been doing much computer either.


Hey Ranee - it's Hillary :)
I just wanted to comment briefly on your remark about using CE/BCE instead of BC/AD. I was taught (a long time ago) that Jews use CE/BCE not because of any problem with measuring time by the existence of Christ, but because Christ is not in fact Our Lord, and it is hypocritical to use phrasing suggesting that he is. Talking about the Common Era instead of the Year of our Lord resolves that issue, is all, at least that's all for me. FWIW.
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