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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

St. Martha's Guild

We have finalized our plans for our first meeting. We are meeting October 2 and 10:30 am, it is a potluck brunch. We are meeting to pray for our families, our church, our community, and nation. We are also going to have a sign up for who will be hosting each month for the rest of the year.

I'm trying to decide which project to bring, and what to bring to eat. I'm thinking the christening cap, because I haven't been doing much work on it lately. As for food, probably something savory, since people like to bring sweet things. I make a really good strata with red peppers, onions, bacon and egg bread. What are some good ideas for brunch food that people like? I might make something like a Bavarian sugar cake as well.

I haven't really gotten the poncho bug, but the one at this site might change my mind. I have some kid mohair in a gorgeous deep wine red and some cotton chenille in about the same color as well as some rayon/cotton twisted yarn in that shade. I'm thinking of putting them together and making a poncho out of them. I don't think I have enough of it to make one for me, but there is a young girl at our church, our priest's daughter, who is similar to my coloring and would look gorgeous in that red. I'll have to find out when her birthday is.

I have several unfinished objects and lots of ideas for next projects, so when I get one of my current projects done, I'll have to work on those. The hard part will be picking what to do next. I think I'll pick up a UFO to add to my 3 projects, so I always have one in progress to cut down on my UFO pile. So, that means 2 new projects and 1 UFO. I think I can handle that.

I doubt I'll be as productive this year or even next as I'd like, but I'm looking forward to regular time meeting with other women to work and pray and change our world.


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