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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Progress Report

I have made some progress on Elijah's sweater. I finished the back on the flight Saturday. The ball of Glimmer was tangled up in my knitting bag and I just didn't have time to fix it while making sure the kids had a meal and the babysitters were settled, so I brought Little Boy Green.

This is the first time I've ever done a raglan shaping in pieces, so it looks kind of odd to me, but whatever.

I also took a couple pictures of the Cross Your Heart to show my progress there.

The color didn't really come out well, it is a cranberry red, and I am trying to figure out how to show the definition in the cables with our digital camera, but it is possessed. It has decided that if you don't use the auto flash, the picture is blurry. So, flash it is.

Anyway, here is a more detailed look at the yoke. I am really pleased with how this is knitting up, and I hope I'll have it finished before Madrona in February.

I finished one of my UFOs this weekend, so I got to move it to my FO list for the year. It, as well as my other 2004 FOs, are listed in the sidebar here. It is the only knit Christmas present I have done this year. If I finish Little Boy Green, that will be for Christmas, but I'm not knitting much for gifts this year.

I have arranged that my ofoto album will only carry the photos of projects from 2003 and before. I still have photos to put up, but that way, I can link directly to the image for the blog for all other pictures. I do have a few from 2004, but they are now listed with a link in my sidebar also.

Our church is starting a St. Martha's Guild for crafting and praying for our families, as well as doing some outreach in the church and community. I'm, really excited about this, as it makes me think of women's groups and guilds of times gone by when they sewed, quilted or did other needlework together and through that built a tight bond of community and friendship. Our first meeting is October 2.

I hope someone is actually reading this and possibly enjoying my ramblings. *grin*


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