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Saturday, September 18, 2004

Photobucket at Last!

As you can see, I have photos up now. Hooray! I will be taking pictures of Elijah's sweater in progress, as well as mine, soon. I will also link my 2004 finished objects photos in the list.

Does anyone know if Addi will replace wonky needles? The nickel coating is coming off of one of my 20 inch 4 mm circulars and it's bugging me. This is the needle I'm using in Elijah's sweater and I don't want it to catch the yarn.

We will be taking some friends out on a flight to go to dinner tonight, and I am going to be sneaky and bring the christening cap with me to work on during the flight. They don't have to know for whom I am making it, it's on small enough needles and I can get some progress done while Rich flies.

If the clouds are too low or there is too much icing, we can't go, even IFR, so we'll go to a pottery painting place instead where I will paint a tea pot.


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