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Thursday, September 16, 2004

Need New Photo Host

Okay, apparently it still isn't working, so I am looking for a new photo host. I do have webspace on my isp, but I need to download some ftp software, so that's the next step.

As for my knitting, I picked up Elijah's "Little Boy Blue" sweater, which is really a little boy green sweater, as I changed the color scheme entirely from the pattern. Instead of white, I have a black sweater, and instead of two shades of blue and a shade of purple, I have two shades of green and a shade of blue. Much more striking that way, and more importantly, less likely to be stained beyond repair. This is important when you have a two year old boy.

I have placed my Cross Your Heart Gansey front in the car for knitting while Rich drives or while I wait to pick up kids. This will work until I get to the yoke again, when it will become home knitting again.

I've decided that the Little Boy Blue is home knitting even though I could knit it elsewhere, because I have to carry around so many balls of yarn and follow a chart. I've also decided that I prefer using two colors in a row/round to using three or more. I'm glad I'm doing this, and I like how it looks, but I don't know how often I will do colorwork requiring three or four colors in one row again. It has been stretching my ability, though, and that is good.

The Christening Cap is my mindless knitting at Bible study and women's group, as I can do it without looking, there are no charts to follow, no cables to remember, no lace work. I was going to try to modify the beading so I'd actually knit the beads in, but I still haven't gotten a beading needle yet, so I'll probably stick with sewing them on as the pattern says. We'll see, bead knitting would keep it from being mindless knitting, as I'd have to follow the chart at that point, but sewing all those beads on is a pain that might keep me from finishing.

As soon as I can get the photo hosting thing settled, I'll post pictures of my progress.


try http://www.photobucket.com
I use that with great success
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