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Friday, September 17, 2004

Found Photo Host

Thank you to Colette who pointed me toward Photobucket. I will be transferring my knitting photos to their site, and keeping family stuff on ofoto.

I've made good progress on the back of Elijah's sweater, I was almost to the neck last night, but found a mistake I couldn't live with and the fudge I tried wasn't satisfactory, so I tinked back and corrected it and am now on my way forward again. This is my first attempt at using more than two colors in a row, and I love how it looks, but it's rather tedious to me. I'm glad this is a toddler sweater and only has one band of it rather than being all over. I'm hoping that by the time I finish the front and sleeves that it will be easier for me to do, so I can tackle things like this on a larger scale later.

I've noticed that it is pretty common for me to try out new techniques on small things, which is sensible, but not on purpose. The first time I did two handed stranding was for my friend Lisa's teacosy, it was small, quick and I was able to master the technique for later projects. Likewise this three color (and more) thing is on a two year old's sweater, so it isn't as frustrating, because even if I only do a couple rows at a time, that is still good progess on something this small. I think I pretty much took to texture, cables and lace right away, they make sense to me, so I just did whatever I felt like and had a great time. My next challenge is intarsia. I have technically started that, on a pair of jet plane socks for Rich, but I got annoyed and haven't touched them for almost a year.

Anyway, I'm hoping that tomorrow I'll have photos up. See you later!


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