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Friday, January 07, 2011

Things Heard Recently

I have been saving these little funnies for a while. It almost got so that I had forgotten some of them!

These are just cute, though. Amira, Jerome and Yasmina were playing heroes and maidens. Jerome put his coat on the floor so his sisters could cross the river safely.

Jerome also recently told me that he didn't want me to cut myself while chopping onions because "You love us and I want to protect you." He's been big on being a hero and protecting others lately. He loves babies and wants to protect them, too.

So, in order of age, here are some of the funnier moments of the last four months (I'm even breaking my rule and telling one about my outlaws).


For a while we had a Scottish wool shawl on the back of our couch. It was nice to cuddle up with on cold nights. Yasmina insisted that it was a quilt. When I tried to explain it was a shawl, she continued to insist it was a quilt. After going back and forth, I realized I was arguing with a two year old, so, as usual, I conceded and she went away pleased with her conviction that the shawl was a quilt.

A few weeks after Mariam was born, Yasmina was walking around the house with something clear on her finger, holding it gingerly out so that it wouldn't fall off. She told us it was from Mariam. None of us knew what she meant. Turns out it was drool and she wouldn't let us wash her hand.

Another entry in the "I never knew these words would come out of my mouth" category: Do not chew on your jacket. Yes, she was chewing on her jacket.

Yasmina insisted that we wear matching hair bows one day. So, she had red hair bows and I put my hair up in a ponytail with a red ribbon. She was delighted to match mama.

As we drove past a field with cows grazing, Yasmina declared that she saw sheeps.

"What are sheeps?" Amira asked.

"Sheeps are a kind of food." That's my girl!

While I was transitioning the childrens' wardrobes from summer to winter Yasmina declared that her pants and long sleeved shirt she was putting on didn't fit her during the summer, that's why she couldn't wear them then.

Amira may be our randomizer, but Yasmina is our narrator. She narrates every single thing she is doing or seeing, usually about two inches from your face. When you ask her if she can be quiet for a moment, she says she can't. I think she's telling the truth.

During morning prayer recently, I asked the children if anyone else had something to thank God or ask Him for. Yasmina asked to be a snake.


My favorite of his observations about Mariam: She smells like yogurt.

Jerome was very excited to be celebrating his name tag on September 30. (It must be his German heritage).

Evidently, Mariam has a chiminy to lie on and play in.

Jerome was in the kitchen helping me cook something. He saw that I pulled out a pomegranate hard lemonade to drink and asked me what it was. I told him. He paused a minute, then asked me if it had melted.

Over dinner one night, Rich prayed for the roads to be free of crazy drivers while his parents drove back home. Jerome piped up that Grandpa and Grandma were crazies.

Just before Thanksgiving, the children were looking at the vitamin bottles and the older boys wondered aloud if the mg on the bottles meant milligrams. Jerome said that he had heard a story about milligrams at his school [co-op]. While I was racking my brain trying to think of any pre-school stories that might possibly have anything to do with milligrams, he said "They went on the Mayflower and ate turkey and fish."


One day, while my precious little girls were dressed in ballet clothes and wings, I overheard Amira say: Yasmina, princesses do not play golf.

She had been swinging her magic wand around like a golf club.


When we were talking about which saints we could dress as for All Saints, Elijah told us that he knew who Mariam could dress as. Baby Jesus.

Here she is as the Blessed Virgin MARY at the Presentation

He told us recently that when he saw Amira's hair right after her night at the hairdresser with me that he thought she looked like Medusa.


He explained to us that he had discovered the difference between French and Spanish. French ends in -ay and Spanish ends in -o.


After we had bought some new bar cloths for Mariam's spit rags, Alexander said she might get snow blindness from looking at them.


Since we took two weeks of vacation at the end of September and beginning of October, I worked through my normal vacation days for the children and didn't want to miss any more school until Thanksgiving. So, when Rich and I went to Leavenworth, I left a stack of school work and instructions for his folks to administer school while I was gone. My FIL said that he kind of thought we'd done some bait and switch with them. They thought they were coming to play with the grandchildren for two days, and instead were given work to do with them.

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Helen chews on her shirt, her coat, her hat, her mittens, her stuffed animals....
Thanks for posting those were hilarious! It is great to get a laugh at 6:00am. And yes we had a coat chewer along with everything else too.........
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