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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Elf Pants!!!!

I was going to have a post up with a picture of Mariam in her adorable elfy outfit (which she wore on Friday). However, we had some biological issues that prevented me from getting that picture. So, another day I'll get that photo for you.

In any case, three and a half years after I first intended to have this outfit made, I have finished the elf pants to go with the elf hat. Both my own designs.

I got the final pom pom made Thursday night. Then, I realized why I normally don't do pom poms. Aside from the fact that I think they look ridiculous on anyone but little children, I am terrible at making them. I made four to get the two I have on the ties.

Meanwhile, in a sleep deprived induced moment of foolishness, I forgot that the ruffle edged pants I made for Yasmina were not superwash wool and ran them through the washing machine with the baby clothes. And not on the wool cycle. They are now newborn pants, so if we go for eight babies, and get a girl, in the fall or winter, she will have an adorable set of pants. We'll get right on that.

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