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Friday, January 07, 2011

Christmas Projects

I promised myself that I wouldn't try to knit gifts for Christmas this year, and then found myself doing just that. So, I made a baby hat for my niece who is expecting in January, to send along with her gifts.

Then, I realized that I had a set of elf pants that I've been meaning to make for a while and would make a nice set with the elf hat I made a few years ago and would be sweet on Mariam.

Then, there was the fact that one of the boys shrunk Jerome's knit hat in the wash, so I wanted to make him another one. I found a single skein of LL Dove in Leavenworth in the colorway Seaside. It evoked exactly the sand, rocks, sky, plants, clouds and water of our former home. It makes me completely homesick when I look at it. Perfect. So, that went on the list.

It is not even started. I will be getting to it shortly, though.

Of course, I was still working on Amira's socks. Those had to be finished in time for Christmas.

They were not.

I'm using LL Shepherd Sock in Red Rover

I am really liking the woven st heel and toe on these socks.

I'd like to make a sweater for me, another hat for Rich, matching apple mitts for Yasmina, socks for Elijah, among about a million other things, but I don't know how likely those are to be finished. What have you made or are you working on this year?

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I so need to get together with you so I can learn how to knit socks! I bought a couple books and looked at a bunch of websites...but I got stumped on the heel part! (I am trying to knit 2 at a time on long circular needles)
Hope all is well way over yonder with y'all!
I have never done the two circular needle method or the rabbit ear method on one long circular, either. I really like my dpns. I'd like to learn how to do the others, but I'm pretty fast with the dpns, so I've never been compelled to do so. The heels aren't that hard, you just really have to do exactly what the instructions say. It helps to twist your sts when you are picking up for the gusset, but any holes or imperfections can be straightened out in finishing or as you knit. Eventually, you get so you can fiddle with it and still get a recognizable item. I still usually just find a heel that works with my st count and do that rather than figure it out, though.
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