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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

War on Deer

Rich called me to tell me the deer got all our peppers and tomatoes. We hate the deer. He's now thinking more seriously about getting a weapon. We've talked before about his getting a hunting bow anyway, and this may push him over the edge. Neither of us is entirely comfortable with the idea of a gun in the house with little children, even though he is well qualified to handle one safely, but a hunting bow would be harder to get hurt in an accident with, so it seems like a good compromise. However, with the predators that go after poultry, it may actually make more sense to get a gun. We'll have to think some more on this.

Also, just so people know, we're having a problem sending from our main e-mail addresses. There is some sort of firewall problem with the wireless that we're working out. So, it takes a lot more effort to e-mail, and I'm not doing much of it right now.

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